• 9 a.m. Start Time
  • ​50 km Solo, 2 or 5 Person Relay Categories
  • 5 Unique Legs In True Grizzly Ultra Style 
  • Tenting / R.V. Options Include  Panorama Springs  Pool Access
  • Discounted Resort Accommodation Rates. Call 1- 800 663 2929 To Book
  • Finish Line Grizzly Paw Soda
  • Finish Like Muscle Mlk Protein Recovery Shake
  • Custom Crafted Grizzly Finisher Medal For Soloists
  • Awards And Prizing  For Top Place Finishers 
  • ​Grizzly Cubs Run for 12 years and under. 10 a.m. Start Time. Register Here.
  • ​* Panorama Village Fun Zone
  • * Extend Your Stay and enjoy a variety of Summer Activities for the whole family



Early Bird - Nov 01 - Jan 31     Solo: $110      2 Person Team: $170      5 Person Team: $300        Grizzly Kids Run - $10 for 12 Years & Under 
Regular -    Feb 01 - Jun  30     Solo: $130      2 Person Team: $190      5 Person Team: $320
Late -         July  01 - Aug 19     Solo: $150      2 Person Team: $210      5 Person Team: $340

Team prices are per team and not per person.​ All prices are subject to GST.

LEG 1 - TRAPPERS - Total Distance 3.74km - Ascent 144m - Descent 143m - SUUNTO GPS Link   Click Here.

The Panorama Grizzly Ultra Marathon kicks off with a short and sweet out and back double track leg to get things warmed up. We will also be using a sections of this leg to present our Grizzly Kids Run at 10 am. 

LEG 2 - COX CREEK CLIMB - Total Distance 4.04km  - Ascent 405m  - Descent 36m  - SUUNTO GPS Link  Click Here

Cox Creek Trail is a combination of single and double track which switch backs it's way to spectacular views at the top of the Mile One Quad. Caution is advised when negotiating some technical trail just before the Cox Creek water crossing. You may or may not get your feet wet. A lung busting leg which tops out at 1561m above sea level. Recommended for the mountain goat on your team!  Water, Cytomax and Snacks will be provided at the summit. 

LEG 3 - HOPEFUL - Total Distance 8.59km - Ascent 171m  - Descent 536m  - SUUNTO GPS Link   Click Here

Hopeful begins at the top of the One Mile Quad. Leg 3 runners will use the one ride lift ticket found in team race packages to access the chairlift. This quad buster descends 536m to the valley bottom before some moderate climbs back to Village Base. Panoramic views will not disappoint. Water, Cytomax and Snacks will be provided at Village Base.

LEG 4 - MONUMENT - Total Distance 16.67km - Ascent 339m - Descent 331m - SUUNTO GPS Link  Click Here

Monument leaves our village base and descends through the streets of the lower village to the paved Valley View Trail. The relatively short section of paved trail follows the banks of Toby Creek as it climbs towards the entrance of Panorama's Monument Trail System. This long undulating course does not have any significant climbs and is well suited to the diesel engine on your team. Don't forget to look up once in a while for incredible views of Monument Peak towering overhead. Water, Cytomax and Snacks will be provided at the Grey Wolf Bridge (3.4km) as well as the far turnaround point (10km), Hale Hut (14km) and the Grey Wolf Bridge (leg finish). It is important to note that Monument finishes at the Grey Wolf Bridge and does not return to Village Base.

LEG 5 - GIDDY UP - Total Distance 16.96km - Ascent  657m - Descent 669m - SUUNTO GPS Link  Click Here

Leg 5 team runners are responsible for making their own way to and from that start and finish at the Grey Wolf Bridge. Solo Ultra runners are well advised to save some mojo for this final and toughest of all 5 legs. The 657m of total ascent combined with almost 17km of distance will be a true test of endurance. Giddy Up climbs to some stupendous views at the highest point on the entire course at 1595m above sea levely before returning for a sweet and satisfying Grizzly Ultra Marathon finish at Village Base. Water, Cytomax and Snacks will be provided at Grey Wolf Bridge (Leg Start and Finish) as well as the Summit turnaround point (5.34km) and Hale Hut (11km).

Panorama Mountain Village  -  British Columbia

Saturday, August 19, 2017

* These Activities Are Not Included In Race Entry Fee