MODERN WELLNESSModern Wellness recently celebrated their grand opening at their state of the art spa location on Canmore's Main Street. They now also have the capability to go mobile and will have compression massage, vibration rolling and products at all Grizzly events this season. The Modern Wellness Recovery Zone is your place to recover after competing and perform at a higher level the next round. Click here to learn more about Modern Wellness

OUTRUN RARE - ​​Dave Proctor and Outrun Rare are part of the Rare Disease Foundation (RDF) family. Outrun Rare is an integral part of the RDF’s brand, advocacy and fundraising efforts. Use code OUTRUN when registering for our Grizzly Ultra Marathon and save 10% off your entry fee. Grizzly Events will then donate an additional 10% to the Rare Disease Foundation on your behalf.  Click here to learn more about Outrun Rare.

T8 is a Hong Kong-based company and their brand name comes from the category 8 typhoons that they experience during the typhoon season. Their gear was initially designed to deal with the humid conditions of Hong Kong that can cause some pretty horrible chafing. Now their gear has been used and tested in a variety of weather conditions and locations globally, and the feedback has been universally positive. The T8 team are all ultra runners  and their goal is to produce durable gear that is also lightweight, practical and chafe free. Their flagship product is the commando underwear and more recently they have released the sherpa shorts. They are excited to be involved with the Grizzly Ultra Marathon and provide prize vouchers for the podium finishers. Click here to learn more about T8


MITOCANADA - has been a charity partner since 2007. Because mitochondrial disease can attack anyone at any time, we are all in a race to find answers and save lives. This is where TEAMmito comes in. TEAMmito is the grassroots program of MitoCanada initiated by the energy and visions of Kyle McLaughlin and Brendan McCracken using the TEAM concept of sport and movement as a platform for awareness and fundraising. Use code MITO when registering for our Grizzly Ultra Marathon and save 10% off your entry fee. Grizzly Events will then donate an additional 10% to the MitoCanada Foundation on your behalf. Click here to learn more about MitoCanada.

GRIZZLY PAW BREWING COMPANY  is a long time supporter. You'll find ice cold refreshing Grizzly Paw Soda on hand at the finish line of all Grizzly Events. Click here to lear more about the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company.

BASECAMP RESORTS  is the exclusive accommodation provider for all Grizzly Mountain Events participants, friends and family. ENTER DISCOUNT CODE: GRIZ2019 when booking for generous discounts. Rates are prepaid and non-refundable . Get 10% off best available rates from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving and 20% discount on all other dates. Click here to learn more about Basecamp Resorts.

HAMMER NUTRITION  is our official sports nutrition provider. Look for complimentary Heed Sports drink and Hammer Gels on course at all Grizzly Events. ENTER DISCOUNT CODE: grizzly20 for a 20% discount when ordering Hammer products online. Click here to learn more about Hammer Nutrition.

ALTRA  is proud title sponsor of our popular Grizzly Ultra Marathon & Relay. Altra was founded with a desire to find a better shoe for road and trail running. Experience the difference with their FootShape and ZeroDrop designs. Click here to learn more about ALTRA

REBOUND CYCLE  is your one stop shop for all your bicycle needs. Conveniently located on Canmore's Main Street; Rebound also serves as our race package pick up location for many Grizzly Events. Check out their adventure centre for rentals, trips and tours.  Click here to learn more about Rebound Cycle.